Confluence is proud to continu its collaboration with the Fondation Bullukian in Lyon in 2018.

For the Festival of Light 2018, students will build a pavilion in the garden of the Fondation with the help of Lyon city.

Great opportunity for us to look back at 2017 edition. Three students from Confluence, Maxime Beaudoncq, Meriem Benkirane and Kevin Maille  built “The Spark” , an interactive installation where 4636 people came.

In 2017 Confluence Institute and La Fondation Bullukian worked together to present “The Spark” in order to foster creativity and innovation.

The installation was conceived during a workshop ” La frontière du vide” at Confluence Institute lead by Juan Velasquez- architect of light.

The spark installation offers to strike sparkes to produce a light projection on a sculpture made by the artist Vincent Mauger.