Confluence is pleased to host Davor Eres, for his second workshop in the school. 

Workshop: Point Confluence

The main goal of the workshop is to design, develop and build a large scale, lightweight ephemeral structure/object. The methodological framework of the workshop evolves around the format that is arranged as a process-based thinking space for initiating and articulating fresh perspectives on current positions within architecture. To take a stand in this context means to motivate and to provoke a distinctive attitude that would conceptualize and build a particular architectural object of desire.

Various locations inside and within the surrounding spaces of Confluence will be approached to as an open playground. The locations will initiate the process that seeks to produce interaction between the present architectural landscape and the lightweight structures. This interaction will introduce various forms of distorted situations: mirroring, skewing, doubling, stretching, framing, merging, looping; with an idea to provoke playful distortions in relation to the familiar architectural reality.

Students work- Workshop September 2016.