Based on an evolving and radical understanding of research, experimentation and trans-
disciplinarity. The Institute propose to:
– construct an unparalleled understanding of architecture at the encounter of disciplines – cross
prospective and experimental visions – create an appetite for engagement – generate unpredicted
– resist the uniformization of production and imposed standards – go beyond the implicit limits of
architecture, in order to create unimaginable opportunities.
CONFLUENCE is an educational approach that is open, alternative, international, collaborative
and innovative, moving towards a hopeful and forward looking architecture for the 21st century

CONFLUENCE is the place where open attitudes and autonomous temperaments are forged
through diverse forms of experimentation. The teaching of architecture must allow students to
confront problems encountered in the world and to use new tools to address them.
CONFLUENCE is the convergence of different forms of knowledge that generate new
understandings and hybrid forms of research. Different disciplines like physics, biology, neurology
and new technologies as well as sociology and the visual arts take part — in an original way — in
the elaboration of teaching and contribute to the elaboration of research and new projects.