Danse, Architecture and Technologies
Towards an architecture of movement
From July 17th to July 28th 2017

This summer Master class is a two week workshop exploring the relationship between space, danse and digital technologies. It will take place in a XIXth century military fort near Lyon; Fort du Bruissin. Students will work intensively on site with expert in choreography and a digital fab- rication inventing new forms of movement

• Aaron Sprecher, Architecte-OSA :
His research and design work focuses on the synergy between information technologies, computational languages, and digital fabrication systems, examining the way in which technology informs and generates innovative approaches to design processes.

• Davy Brun , Choreographer :
His research aims to build a written dance language, inspired by his life encounters and carrying emotions.

Applications are open until June 30, 2017. 1500 Euros (With accommodation)

Why you should apply ?
• Digital culture and its powerful media tools
• Experiment new choreographic and architectural expression
• Defining spaces through recording, analyzing and transforming the body movement
Who should apply ?
We are looking for students with an interest in contemporary issues, digital fabrication
and pro- spective attitudes towards the future of cities.