“The Confluence school taught me how to work autonomously and to develop new techniques thanks to the technologies and tools available as 3D printing but also to speak English

“What is interesting in this school is the multidisciplinary team. It is not only architects who come to teach but also artists, philosophers, historians, engineers and even choreographers”

“It is a school that taught me to see architecture as an area in constant interaction with other disciplines and not as an isolated field whose studies would only be professionalizing”

“It is a school that trusts its students, supports us in our projects and pushes us in our own research. It allowed me to assert myself, take a position and the envy to become entrepreneur “

“Since I have been in Confluence, I have become aware of the role of an architect in the contemporary city. The school is located in the district of Confluence in Lyon; And as future architects, it allows us to question the city of tomorrow and to understand the context in which we will act.”