The spatial organization of CONFLUENCE reflects its articulated pedagogy and generates an innovative educationnal structure.
The superimposition of open and reconfigurable floors merges pedagogical spaces, working and living spaces as well as virtual and physical experimentation laboratories. By building the school’s architecture as a physical manifestation of its pedagogical diversity, students benefit from an open, diverse and collective body of knowledge.

The whole structure acts as an efficient research centre stimulating reflection, interactions and individual initiatives

Confluence’s space
1. Creative Connective Space
The top floor of the market building contains seminar rooms and lecture halls that are equipped for distance learning. It is the place for networks and exchanges to and from around the world.
This space is also dedicated to the conception and diffusion of productions in the virtual domain of the school: projects, courses, research, conferences, publications, etc. In fact, it is the place where all internal school activities are implemented.

2. Creative Open Space
Located at the center of the school, it is the place for individual student work. Each student of the school has a dedicated space. The Con uence is the only school in France that offers these individual work conditions to all of its students.

3. Creative Urban Space
Situated on the ground oor of the building and open to the plaza in front of the school it is at once the school’s forum and marketplace. A place for exhibitions and large- scale experimentation, a place for debates and critiques, a place for meetings and exchanges, it is also the festive place of the school and its cafe forms the neural center of creations linked to fortuitous meetings.

4. Creative Maker Space
The school’s fabrication laboratory is situated in the basement of the main market building. It is the place for the fabrication of projects conceived in the Creative Open Space. Equipped with multiple machines such as 2D and 3D digital printers, laser cutters, rapid prototyping machines and robotics, it is conceived as a laboratory. The space is organized under the direction of a
professor accompanied by technicians and student assistants. The Creative Maker Space is open during the weekends to passionate people from outside the school who realize with students their own objects

CONFLUENCE is conceived as a dynamic campus operating on three different scales:
• it integrates and develops the local and regional university fabric
• it brings together a student residence, housing for researchers, the school and its partners
• it superimposes and links pedagogical spaces dedicated to creation, fabrication and