Nhaila, graduated in January 2016 from Confluence. Her Tahitian origins led her to develop a diploma on the mobility of culture in French Polynesia, a territory composed of 99% water. Since then she has been pursuing her research in Tahiti and questioning the traditional Tahitian habitat by confronting new technologies and ecology within the network of a young collective of architects, nodd.


Charles has graduated in January 2016 in Confluence. For his diploma he explored the relationship between cinema and architecture in Bollywood. He is interested in new technologies of image and vision that recondition our way of seeing and living the spaces of the city. Since then, he continues his research within the young architectural group nodd by participating in projects related to the world of the spectacle. In parallel, he has developed and manages the Confabence Institute’s FAB LAB.


Domitille graduated in January 2016 from Confluence. During her graduation she developed a research on textile architecture printed in 3D. Today she pursue her research for 3D printing cement architecture as part of a research program between Ital’cementi, an Italian cement manufacturer and the Confluence Institute. She has also founder with other former Confluence students an architecture collectiv nodd that adopt a prospectiv vision of architecture and design.


Francesco is a graduate of Confluence since January 2016. For his diploma he was very interested in the cities in decline like Detroit and Athens. He decided to rethink the urban fabric of Athens in order to create a new architecture system in addition to the existing one. He now works in Cameroon as an architect assistant to the project manager in the subsidiary of an Italian office in connection with the construction of the Douala stadium for the African Cup of Nations in 2019.


Martin has graduated since January 2016 in Confluence. For his degree he wondered how vitalism could be relevant for the creation of a contemporary architecture. He was therefore interested in the culture of death in Mexico and proposed a project of cemetery reproducing the idea of ​​vital force of vitalism in order to depolluer Mexico City and to show how the architecture could become an infrastructure forming part The cycle of life and death. With former graduates he founded the nodd collective and pursued his various researches.


Pierre has graduated since December 2016 in Confluence. During his graduation he became interested in the world of video games and collaborative systems in order to rethink how to design the city of tomorrow. Working on new 3D printing techniques and artificial intelligence systems he defined a new scenario of city construction. Following his diploma he decided to work at Studio Odile Decq in Paris and is currently working on various architectural competitions.

Gerolamo Gnecchi Ruscone

Gerolamo graduated in January 2016. His thesis "The Invisibles and The Fortress" investigates the role of architecture in recording, preserving and protecting information of cultures that are disappearing with the creation of a new data centre. He then worked between Paris and Milan as Junior Architect following an industrial complex in the north of France and continued his own research by creating art installations combining architecture and our digital environment. He now works as an Architect for Carlo Ratti Associati in Turin.