Graduated in 2016

Martin has graduated in January 2016 in Confluence. For his degree, he wondered how vitalism could be relevant for the creation of contemporary architecture. He was therefore interested in the culture of death in Mexico and proposed a project of cemetery reproducing the idea of the vital force of vitalism in order to depollute Mexico City. With former graduates, he founded nodd collective and pursued his various researches.


Graduated in 2016 

Her Tahitian origins led her to develop a diploma on the mobility of culture in French Polynesia, a territory composed of 99% water. Since then she has been pursuing her research in Tahiti and questioning the traditional Tahitian habitat by confronting new technologies and ecology within the network of a young collective of architects, nodd. She now founded Anupama studio of design and architecture 


Graduated in 2016

For his diploma, he was very interested in the cities in decline like Detroit and Athens. He decided to rethink the urban fabric of Athens in order to create a new architecture system in addition to the existing one. He now works in Cameroon as an architect assistant to the project manager in the subsidiary of an Italian office in connection with the construction of the Douala stadium for the African Cup of Nations in 2019.


Graduated in 2016

During her graduation, she developed research on textile architecture printed in 3D. Today she pursues her research for 3D printing cement architecture as part of a research program between Ital’cementi, an Italian cement manufacturer and the Confluence Institute. She has also founder with other former Confluence students an architecture collective nodd that adopt a prospective vision of architecture and design.


Graduated in 2016

His thesis investigates the role of architecture in recording, preserving and protecting information of cultures that are disappearing with the creation of a new data center. He then worked between Paris and Milan as Junior Architect following an industrial complex in the north of France and continued his own research by creating art installations. He now works as an Architect for Carlo Ratti Associati in Turin.


Graduated in 2016

For his diploma, he explored the relationship between cinema and architecture in Bollywood. He is interested in new technologies of image and vision that recondition our way of seeing and living. Since then, he continues his research within the young architectural group nodd by participating in projects related to the world of the spectacle. In parallel, he has developed and manages the Confluence Institute’s FAB LAB.
Pierre de Pingon


Graduated in 2017

During his graduation, he became interested in the world of video games and collaborative systems in order to rethink how to design the city of tomorrow. Working on new 3D printing techniques and artificial intelligence systems he defined a new scenario of city construction. Following his diploma, he decided to work at Studio Odile Decq in Paris and he is currently working on various architectural competitions.
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Graduated 2017

I am a product manager with experience in various organizations. I am currently working at Radio France as digital product manager for France Bleu (French local public radio) and France Info (French public information radio).
Prior to that, I worked as a product manager and managed other product managers in different companies and organizations for 7 years, where I developed skills in all areas related to the product: design, software development , data-driven decisions, organizing product teams, etc. .


Graduated in  2019

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Graduated in 2019

Maxime BAUDONCQ doesn’t refer to himself as an “Architect”; yet he is always messing around with space(s). Currently working for GSE – the main general contractor in France – as an architectural coordinator and Bim expert and attached to the Innovation Lab, he spends his days messing around with the new and latest technologies while building vast tertiary buildings (mostly multilevels warehouses). Also, from time to time, he teaches. In other words: he is an happy man with amazing toys. A man of his time.


Graduated in 2021

After studying architecture in England, Jhila Beirut quickly began working in the world of humanitarian clowns, accompanying a troupe in its performance and social therapy projects which take many forms, from street shows in the heart of the capital to workshops in isolated refugee camps.
Graduating from Confluence in 2021, her studies allowed her to explore the intersection between her role as an architect and that of an engaged citizen.
She now lives in Greater Paris, mixing architecture, activism and social work.
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Graduated in 2021

Currently a designer at Laabcollective, I have worked in world-renowned agencies including the firm Rougerie-Tangram (Paris) specialized in marine construction and Studio Gang Architects, expert in high-rise towers. In my free time I am interested in architectural photography, product design and woodworking.


Graduated in 2020

Young graduate of a RIBA Part II in Architecture and holder of the Françoise Abella Prize for Architecture 2017, I work as a freelancer in the field of architecture, interior design and layout.
Creativity, poetry, experimentation and pragmatic reality are the qualities that I develop in this environment that fascinates me. I have always approached architecture by highlighting sensuality, feelings and above all the experience that it will create.
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Graduated in 2020

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Graduated in 2021

Exploring my inner self through creative thinking. I don’t know if I have achieved something but someone keep telling me “whatever you want to do, just do it”. I will just add “with sincerity”.
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Graduated in 2021

For the Diploma there I chose to work on the materiality of architectures and ways to rethink our use of materials in sync with nowadays stakes through the exemple of wood. Since my graduation i’ve been working for a small company well established with small (and not so small) towns in the suburbs of Paris. This particular position and having to take on a lot of responsibilities the whole lenght of the projects, from sketch to welcoming the public in a finished building, has allowed me to confront my ideas and conceptions to the reality of the field.
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Graduated in 2021

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Graduated in 2022

RIBA II graduated at CONFLUENCE, my vision of architecture is very much related to the instinct of the individual.
At first sight without a scale, it is rather a way of questioning without physical restriction, then observing.
Comparing the city and society to machines that shape us, I like to keep in mind the idea of an approach that sometimes escapes its initial function.
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Graduated in 2022

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Graduated in 2022

Born in Bolivia, went to school in an American school there. Studied architecture with a minor in Electronic Design at Savannah College of Art and Design. I then worked two years in New York at Brandon Haw Architecture in tje Seahram Building. After my work experience, I did the RIBA Part 2 at Confluence Institute. After Confluence I spoke at conferences and universities in Bolivia on the climate crisis and architecture, and how Bolivia can be better prepared. I presented my final thesis as well. After the lectures, I did a 5 month internship at MFR Architectes in Paris, FR. Currently I am teaching two workshops on A Hybrid Architecture/Nature at the UDABOL and the UPSA universities in Bolivia.
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Graduated in 2022

I took inspiration from my mentor Odile Decq, and started my own business. I am the founder of a One-Man design firm, ESBE. After three projects and am focusing primarily on residential spaces.
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Graduared in 2022

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Graduated in 2022