Integrated Research Space

Research is a core element of Confluence. It is taught in a disseminated way through different points in the educative program. This helps the students to be confronted with various kinds of research and their applications in the courses, the seminars, the workshops.

The IRC is both an interdisciplinary meeting center and a productivity center. It is a relay for integrating research in the teaching program.

It is also a relay to link the education at Confluence with research institutions in the world recognized for their advanced studies in architecture in multiple forms.

As a true  “Think Tank”, the ITC gives the general orientation to develop and implement the themes taught at the school. This helps the themes renew and evolve into a program.

It encompasses the various activities within the research.

It is a place for meeting, for exchange and for production.

The goal of the IRC at Confluence is to organize a research program in relation and articulation with the workshops and studios of the school.

This research is not only fundamental but also applied in order to help the usual ways of thinking to circumvent the traditional modes, to engage other relations, other discourses and other ways of thinking in a collective mode.