CONFLUENCE is a 5-year program following the European structure as implemented in studies of architecture in France.

Admission to the program is accepted in the 1st or 2nd cycle.

The first 3 years, the 1st cycle, concludes with the diploma:

RIBA PART 1 / Architecture Confluence Degree level A 

The following 2 years, the 2nd cycle, concludes with the diploma:

RIBA Part 2 /Architecture Confluence Degree level B 

CONFLUENCE is a semester-based program. The duration of each fall and spring semester is 15 weeks, representing 90 days of course.


The studio projects are defined in relation to five thematic fields developed by the school. Each professor/architect in charge of a studio chooses a subject in relation to one or several themes. The professor/architect and an expert from the field, together present the concerns and the questions in order to allow students to elaborate on new approaches to research for their project.


Throughout the year and during the inter-semester summer period, intensive workshops are organized with invited personalities acting in architecture and related fields (scenography, environment, digital fabrication, art, dance, theory etc..)


Seminars offer moments of research that enriches the student project within the studio. They are organized under different forms (lectures, workshops, conferences, debates) and create a field of knowledge Each project studio is associated with an obligatory seminar.


The tutorial nourishes the student’s projects with practical tools such as drawing, animations, model making, photography, writing, public speaking, coding etc..). Each workshop comprises one or two mandatory tutorial run by an expert in his/her fields.