Enrollment requirements

Students from all backgrounds are welcome at Confluence.

To enter into the first cycle it is necessary to have a Baccalauréat (A Level) or its equivalent. It is also possible to enter into the second year by equivalence.

To enter into the second cycle, it is necessary to have a Licence (Bachelor Degree) or its equivalent.

Nevertheless, students who do not respond to the requirements above but who are able to justify professional experience consisting of a minimum of 3 years for the second cycle or 5 years for the third cycle and who are sufficiently motivated may inquire about joining CONFLUENCE.
Those students whose competences are judged adequate will be granted an interview to determine admission.

Applicants should put together a single .zip folder of no more than 10MB that contains the following material:

1.  A letter of motivation that describes research interests, background and ambitions

2.  CV

3.  An A4 portfolio with examples of personal, academic and/or professional projects. Through the portfolio the intention is to be able to understand the sensibility and creative abilities of the candidate.

4.  A video of no more than 2 minutes in which the applicant presents himself or herself. The video will be used to evaluate the creation, curiosity and personality of the applicant.

5.  Copy of passport or national ID card

6.  One Passport-size photo

7.  Application form completed and signed ( when the candidate has applied through the web site, this form is not asked as it is the questionnaire already filled and sent)

8.  Copies of all university and high school degrees (baccalaureate) with the transcript credits.

9.  Knowledge of the English language is required when the mother language is not English, a transcript from TOEFL or IELTS showing their proficiency in English is required.

10.  The proof of payment through wire transfer for application fees of 200 Euros (the school bank information has to be asked on demand)

Materials should be sent using a commercially available file transfer site (wetransfer.comsendthis@le.com, etc.)
Applicants will be notified of the admission result under 2 weeks upon receipt of their fully completed dossier. It is the applicant’s responsibility to make sure that all materials arrive to the committee by the application deadline they receive when sending the questionnaire on line.
address: admissions@confluence.eu
Application fees: 200 Euros (non-refundable)
Upon admission a non-refundable deposit of 3000Euros is required to secure registration at Confluence.
11 600 € per year Cycle 1,2 (Year 1-5)