SEMESTER OF FALL 2021 / Second intake.

Application deadline  April 14th 2021



How to join CONFLUENCE ? 

CONFLUENCE has its own recruitment process outside of “Parcours sup”, the national education platform. Confluence therefore autonomously manages the admission schedule and the selection of students.

The timetable of the procedure is published at the beginning of the semester for the following semester.

CONFLUENCE is one of the only school of architecture to offer two entries a year, one in autumn, beginning of September, and one in spring, beginning of February.

What are the selection criteria to join CONFLUENCE? 

The selection to join Confluence Institute is based on file (letter of motivation, CV …), portfolio and video in which the candidate presents itself and exposes its motivations.

Unlike traditional French schools, Confluence does not conduct individual interviews to allow foreign students to apply on the same basis as French students.

In case of doubt from the school, a direct interview may be requested.