CONFLUENCE has its own recruitment process outside of “Parcours sup”, the national education platform. Confluence therefore autonomously manages the admission schedule and the selection of students. The timetable of the procedure is published at the beginning of the semester for the following semester.CONFLUENCE is one of the only school of architecture …


SECOND ROUND for admissions 
Unlike traditional French schools, Confluence does not conduct individual interviews to allow foreign students to apply on the same basis as French students. More than just a school record, we are looking for motivated, critical, autonomous, creative, open-minded, curious and enterprising students. In all cases, the intention is to be able to …


Intensive workshop with Andrea Blum 
Let’s imagine we could do it over again… What would you want your new world to look like? How would you change the way you live? How would you eat, dress, navigate, socialize? How would you form your community? 
Bugs & Birds / Flora & Fauna / When in Doubt Look to Nature. This workshop is dedicated to learning from an example


Intensive workshop with Chandler Ahrens
The intensive one-week workshop focuses on advancing the Moon Village studio project lead by Tom Shaked and Aaron Sprecher. The goal is to advance the design to incorporate building systems that reinforce the architectural concept of each project.The Moon Village project creates several difficult questions that must be addressed…


Intensive Workshop with Romain Viricel,
Designer March 25th to March 29th, 2019 Since the dawn of time, Man has used, manufactured, and adapted to his environment to evolve and live in the latter.35,000 years ago in the Jura Swabian, a group of Man pierced holes in a bird’s bone of a few centimeters, it is the birth of a flute, the birth of music. When the man went into …


After 5 years in Lyon, CONFLUENCE opens a new chapter in its history.
From September 2019, the school will be based in the center of Paris. and will continue its commitments: to further question the teaching of Architecture through an alternative pedagogy. We have built together, a unique and singular training, a network of international contacts…


Last week, Maxime Baudoncq and Joséphine Bourat, both fifth-year students at CONFLUENCE presented their thesis in February 2019. {UN}BLINKING MACHINE, GYGES ‘ESCAPE, project by Maxime Baudoncq with distinction DIGITAL CULTURES. STATE OF NEGOTIATION, Project by Joséphine Bourat with distinction TECHNOLOGICAL SPECULATION


Why choose CONFLUENCE? 
Based on an evolving and radical understanding of research, experimentation, and trans-disciplinarity, the Institute proposes to construct an unparalleled understanding of architecture at the encounter of disciplines, to cross prospective and experimental visions, to create an appetite for engagement, to generate unpredicted alternatives…


Studio with Aaron Sprecher
Protocol for extraterrestrial life.
Living in the space requires a new understanding of architecture and living conditions: eating, sleeping and working. These daily human activities will have to take place in a new space system. This studio will examine the multiple possibilities of design to live in space.