After 5 years in Lyon, CONFLUENCE opens a new chapter in its history.From September 2019, the school will be based in the center of Paris. and will continue its commitments: to further question the teaching of Architecture through an alternative pedagogy.


Last week, Maxime Baudoncq and Joséphine Bourat, both fifth-year students at CONFLUENCE presented their thesis in February 2019. {UN}BLINKING MACHINE, GYGES ‘ESCAPE, project by Maxime Baudoncq with distinction DIGITAL CULTURES. STATE OF NEGOTIATION, Project by Joséphine Bourat with distinction TECHNOLOGICAL SPECULATION


Why choose CONFLUENCE? 
Based on an evolving and radical understanding of research, experimentation, and trans-disciplinarity, the Institute proposes• To construct an unparalleled understanding of architecture at the encounter of disciplines, to cross prospective and experimental visions, to create an appetite for engagement, to generate unpredicted alternatives, to resist the uniformization of production and imposed standards, to go beyond the implicit limits of architecture, in order to create unimaginable opportunities.


Protocol for extraterrestrial life.
Living in the space requires a new understanding of architecture and living conditions: eating, sleeping and working. These daily human activities will have to take place in a new space system. This studio will examine the multiple possibilities of design to live in space.
With Aaron Sprecher – February 15 to 19, 2019


As part of “Moon Village ” studio, Tom Shaked and Karen Lee Bar-Sinai will teach an intensive workshop in order to explore the potential for ground-scaping of the lunar surface as a foundation for extraterrestrial architecture. Robotic tools can help establish a long-lost art of ‘scaping’ earth-based matter through applying in-situ digital manufacturing to natural and remote terrains.
From February 8th to February 15th, 2019 


An international team of teachers.
CONFLUENCE Institute proposes to mobilize all its resources, to build a team of experts in the fields of architecture, robotics, design, virtual reality, anthropology, and digital manufacturing, to reflect during 15 weeks on the Moon Village project: Odile Decq, Jacques Rougerie …


During “Moon village” studio, the school will develop a series of scenarios capable of addressing the issues raised by life in space. Organized around seminars and intensive workshops, this transversal experiment will use the full potential of architecture to question the key challenges of such a project. These questions will converge in the architecture of the future Moon Village.


Space is undeniably our new frontier, and the Moon, the first base camp of our future migrations. Unlike the first lunar missions, it will no longer be a matter of staying there for a few hours, but of living there. It will not only be a question of exploration and staying there for a short time. It will decidedly a matter of settlement. To live together. Even if only temporarily before migrating towards new territories.


For the 2018 edition of the Festival of Lights, CONFLUENCE and the Bullukian Foundation team up again to offer “Polyfolies” a light installation made by the students. This installation aims to be a reflection of the pedagogy developed at CONFLUENCE: “Learning by doing: manufacturing and experimentation”.
Intensive workshop with Juan Velasquez and Domitille Roy


During this workshop in collaboration with the SPL, the students of the school will imagine the possible futures for an embryonic place: “La Station Mue ” around the idea of ​​”pioneers”: insects, plants, which often in the uninhabited territories are the first and only occupants.
Intensive workshop with Charles Ober from September 29 to October 8, 2018