En mars 2022, Confluence Institute et la Kharkiv School of Architecture allaient organiser un workshop commun… Nous soutenons nos amis de Kharkiv et d’Ukraine et transmettons les mots d’Oleg Drozdov, fondateur du bureau d’architecture Drozdov&Partners et co-fondateur de l’école d’architecture de Kharkiv : “Mes chers amis étrangers. Merci beaucoup pour votre soutien. Nous avons besoin de votre […]


Confluence Institute Fall 2021 Lecture series September 30th 2021 Life can be easy. We go to school, we study architecture (or any other shit), we work in an office, we start our own office, we built houses. We get married, start a family and live in an own house. Somehow pleasant but bourgeois and unrealistic! […]


Confluence Institute Fall 2021 Lecture series Novembre 2nd 2021 The divide in the field of architecture between the socially-focused practice and the formally-explorative practice remains, and perhaps grows even wider. Why are these forms of practice considered oppositional or even mutually exclusive in architecture? Is it possible to design a way of working that engages […]


Confluence Institute Fall 2021 Lecture series September 2nd 2021   There are many examples of experimental architecture, but it is the city itself that we most yearn to change. Yet, despite its dysfunctions, the city evolves very slowly. It is a meme that got stuck and continues to exert its fascination. The changes that do […]


Confluence Institute presents : Lccture by Jacques Rougerie Thursday April 8th  2021, at 3.30pm  On the occasion of our the spring semester devoted to the exploration of the Sea, Jacques Rougerie will meet with the  the students of Confluence and address the challenges of this fascinating liquid territory. You’re welcome to follow the lecture online […]


Confluence Institute is proud to share episode 10 of the Hors Concours series in partnership with the web magazine tema.archi. Odile discusses the reasons that led her to rethink the pedagogy and teaching of architecture.   Odile Decq is the guest of the tenth episode of the Hors concours podcast. An opportunity for the architect to […]


We carry with us the memory of Mary Vaughan Jonhson, friend and regular visiting-professor of Confluence.  Mary joined our adventure since its beginning in 2014 and was a strong and joyful support of our school. All our thoughts goes to her family and to all the students that had the chance to meet her contagious […]


Confluence Institute is proud to share its Spring 2021 Inaugural lecture that took place on Tuesday March 2nd, 2021.  


SEMESTER OF FALL 2022 -> APPLY HERE   How to join CONFLUENCE ?  CONFLUENCE has its own recruitment process outside of “Parcours sup”, the national education platform. Confluence therefore autonomously manages the admission schedule and the selection of students. The timetable of the procedure is published at the beginning of the semester for the following […]