Station Mue

Intensive workshop with  Charles Ober from September 29th to October 8th, 2019 

On the occasion of this workshop, in collaboration with the SPL, the students will imagine the possible futures for an embryonic place: “The station Mue”.

At the heart of this collaborative project, students from the school of CONFLUENCE are led to the design and co-build space proposal. The project is based on the idea of “pioneers”: insects, plants, birds, which often in uninhabited territories are the only ones and first occupants. These pioneers are shaping the territory.

From this bio-mimetic parallel students will have to extract principles, processes, forms, methods from their observations on these pioneers. We will look at how, these principles, become spatial mechanisms, manufacturing processes, organization assembly methods, second skin, grafting… 

At the heart of their experiments and research, students will establish a scenario for this unusual place.

At first, they will define the ecosystem of the project, make interactions between the different actors, the events, the neighborhood, and its inhabitants. But also, in a second time in the form of prototypes, manufacturing tests, constructive details …

More generally, during this workshop, we will examine the relationship between design techniques and manufacturing methods, and how they interrogate and inform each other.