For the 2018 edition of the Festival of Lights, CONFLUENCE and the Bullukian Foundation team up once again to offer “Polyfolies”: a luminous installation created by students in architecture. 

On the occasion of the studio “Create a material, create a light” organized at CONFLUENCE Insitute by Juan Velasquez, lighting architect, and Domitille Roy, architect, the students had to imagine and propose an innovative and relevant lighting installation. This installation aims to be a reflection of the pedagogy developed at CONFLUENCE: “Learning by doing: manufacturing and experimentation”.

Of the eleven projects presented, the jury, composed of Odile Decq-director of Confluence Institute, Nicolas Hannequin-teacher at Confluence, Fanny Robin-project manager at the Bullukian Foundation and Romain Tamayo-project manager at the Festival of Lights, has selected the winning project: “Polyfolies” proposed by Meriem Benkirane, a third-year student at CONFLUENCE

“It is the sea that comes back to us in this winter time. After crossing a narrow gate, we discover an illuminated courtyard. Petals are molded, deformed, multiplied to create this enchanting environment. Strident beams of light pass through the petals and dilute. Thanks to the strength of the wind, the reflection of the petals vibrates and undulates on the floor and facades of the courtyard. This mysterious light envelops us and our shadow mingles with multiple reflections.

Formerly intended to illustrate the wealth of its occupants, the court acted as theatrical scenery, place of representation and projection. This project proposes to stage the court of the Bullukian Foundation using the processes of enchantment. Sublimate the environment, shape reality and create an atmosphere where our emotions can ignite.”


• IGuzzini

• La ville de Lyon