An international team of teachers

CONFLUENCE Institute proposes to mobilize all its resources, to build a team of experts in the fields of architecture, robotics, design, virtual reality, anthropology, and digital manufacturing, to reflect during 15 weeks on the Moon Village project.

• Odile Decq, Architect, and founder of CONFLUENCE, France

• Jacques Rougerie, Architect, and a specialist in the speculative project, France

• Aaron Sprecher, Architect, and a specialist in digital fabrication, Israel 

• Elisabeth BaconResearcher in cognitive psychopathology, France

• Chandler Ahrens, Architect, and a specialist in computational design, United States

• Tom Shaked, Architect, and a specialist in robotic, Israel 

• Jacques Sautereau, Architect, France

• Romain Viricel, Designer, France

• Andrea Blum, Artist, United States