Extraterrestrial Architecture

From February 8th to February 15th, 2019 

As part of “Moon Village ” studio, Tom Shaked and Karen Lee Bar-Sinai will teach an intensive workshop in order to explore the potential for ground-scaping of the lunar surface as a foundation for extraterrestrial architecture. 

The advancements in robotic fabrication are bringing about new ways to craft materials.

In this context, robotic tools can help establish a long-lost art of ‘scaping’ earth-based matter through applying in-situ digital manufacturing to natural and remote terrains.

Thus, in the context of lunar construction, the robotic tool thus becomes a mediating link between the architect and the distant matter.

The workshop will explore this form of robotic scaping of large-scale environments through applying traditional craft techniques on the sand-based matter, and its shaping to the desired form using a hybrid of formative, subtractive and additive digital techniques.