Out / In Space

Protocole for Extraterrestrial Life

Intensive workshop with Aaron Sprecher February 15th to February 19th 

ACT I: Gravity 

Space inhabitation requires a new understanding of architecture and living conditions

Eating, sleeping, and working are here activities that take place in a singular spatial system while new forms of psychology are required in order to sustain life away from planet Earth.

ACT II: Satellite

This design studio comes to examine current intellectual and practical directions in the study of design for living in outer space. 

The goal of the design studio will be to advance ideas in terms of populating space with a human community while exploring the advanced building and digital technologies. Our design team will collect the various proposals and create a new residential satellite for planet Earth.

ACT III: Space

Each team will choose a specific location on the moon. The team will report on the local features of this location, both in terms of resources and reachability. The second phase of our research will focus on the building of an architectural intervention using the fabrication principles developed in the previous workshop of Tom Shaked and Karen Lee Bar-Sinai.