Want to join us? 

Key Dates for admission  fall semester 2019

• Before March 15th / Application fees: 0 €

Before May, 15th / Application fees: 100 €

After May 15th / Application fees: 200 €

Why choose CONFLUENCE? 

Based on an evolving and radical understanding of research, experimentation, and trans-disciplinarity, the Institute proposes:

To construct an unparalleled understanding of architecture at the encounter of disciplines

To cross prospective and experimental visions

To create an appetite for engagement

To generate unpredicted alternatives

To resist the uniformization of production and imposed standards

To go beyond the implicit limits of architecture, in order to create unimaginable opportunities.

CONFLUENCE is an educational approach that is open, alternative, international, collaborative and innovative, moving towards a hopeful and forward-looking architecture for the 21st century