Thesis 2019

Last week, Maxime Baudoncq and Joséphine Bourat, both fifth-year students at CONFLUENCE presented their thesis: 


Smart technologies, smart cities… We are becoming the focal point of a global panopticon. In a world obsessed by our identities, how can we make a place for the outstanding? 

Project by Maxime Baudoncq with distinction DIGITAL CULTURES


Project by Joséphine Bourat with distinction TECHNOLOGICAL SPECULATION

Guest critics:

Odile Decq, Architect and founder of CONFLUENCE, thesis advisor

Aaron Sprecher, Architect, and Professor at Technion University in Tel Aviv 

Nicolas Hannequin, Architect, teacher and thesis advisor 

Lionel Lemire, Architect, and teacher at Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture

Jacques Sautereau, Architect, urbanist, and teacher  at CONFLUENCE

Tom Shaked, a Ph.D. student at Technion University and a teacher at CONFLUENCE

Charles Ober, Architect graduated from CONFLUENCE 

Domitille Roy, Architect graduated from CONFLUENCE