Moon Village #4

Workshop with Romain Viricel, Designer 

March 25th to March 29th, 2019 

Since the dawn of time, Man has used, manufactured, and adapted to his environment to evolve and live in the latter.

35,000 years ago in the Jura Swabian, a group of Man pierced holes in a bird’s bone of a few centimeters, it is the birth of a flute, the birth of music.

When the man went into space, he created new objects or transformed existing ones, to respond to a new environment, a new need with other constraints.

The Space Pen, the Lunar Rover, the travel golden recorder, the falling astronaut, the dragon crew, when the engineers of the space X program development projects, they draw at the same time the evolution, the adaptability, think about the technologies to the ergonomics and manufacturing but also to dreams and craze

During this workshop week, students will have to rethink the use of an object or a piece of furniture for extra-terrestrial use.

Repeating either an earthed object adapted and redrawn for space or a fully imagined object responding to a new need. The final object will be built on a 1: 1 gray cardboard scale.

The semester studio projects will serve as background and environment for the objects drawn during this week of the workshop.

It will be necessary to pay particular attention to the drawing, to its lines, its form, its ergonomics, to the relation with the body but also, of course, to the new constraints of the environment.