Moon Village #5


Intensive workshop with Chandler Ahrens

The intensive one-week workshop focuses on advancing the Moon Village studio project lead by Tom Shaked and Aaron Sprecher. The goal is to advance the design to incorporate building systems that reinforce the architectural concept of each project.

The Moon Village project creates several difficult questions that must be addressed from technical issues to the quality of spaces for habitation. The workshop will focus on advancing the designs the initial designs to address issues of materiality, construction techniques, structure, air, water, light in addition to how people use the spaces for living. The architecture of space stations, space ships, and proposed long-term habitation require very tight integration of building systems with the use of the spaces. As with architecture on earth, building systems are the primary material to design with and must reinforce conceptual ideas. 

The objective of the course is to develop innovative design strategies to that acknowledge that buildings are complex interrelationships of systems that must coalesce at multiple scales in relation to the architectural concept and comfort of the human body.

Design strategies must opportunistically negotiate and synthesize these complex relationships including structure, material behavior, solar heat gain, internal heat gains, heat loss through the façade, daylight levels, artificial lighting, ventilation, acoustics, and safety.

The complex interrelations of building systems that cannot fail require an integrative approach with the design concept.