Beaux-Arts Academy award for … [BLAST] !

[BLAST] studio are the 2020 laureat of the Beaux-Arts Academy Award of the Institut de France. The studio was founded by two alumnis of Confluence, Martin Detoeuf and Pierre de Pingon.

The Biological Laboratory of Architecture and Sensitive Technologies [BLAST] is a group founded in 2018 with the aim of exploring the possible relationships between new technologies and living things in order to develop new processes of artistic and architectural creation. Digital design and manufacturing tools are at the heart of the studio’s experiments in design, scenography and architecture projects. Blast Studio develops a research to explore new ways to bring nature and technology into dialogue. Inspired by nature we created a new ecosystem in the city, where we recycle urban waste into outstanding sustainable objects and furniture thanks to living organisms. 

Faced with the exponential volume of waste, these three architects have the idea of ​​transforming it, using technology, in order to build responsibly and sustainably. The adventure begins in a kitchen, with the impression of mycelium using a 3D printer. In 2019, they acquire expertise in the Open Cell center during their stay in London, where they subsequently decide to set up their premises. The waste is crushed there, sterilized then mixed with fungi which digest their organic matter. Once in paste form, a 3D printer transforms them into a work of art, furniture or sustainable architecture. Their project in 2021 is to build a pavilion, the first step towards the dream of a city made of its own waste.