Confluence Institute presents :

Lccture by Jacques Rougerie

Thursday April 8th  2021, at 3.30pm 

On the occasion of our the spring semester devoted to the exploration of the Sea, Jacques Rougerie will meet with the  the students of Confluence and address the challenges of this fascinating liquid territory.

You’re welcome to follow the lecture online : https://zoom.us/j/91786815829



Visionary architect, Member of the Institute is passionate about the sea and space. He has based his research and achievements for more than 30 years on a bionic architecture based on biomimicry, a real bridge between living forms and built forms, taking into account in particular the precepts of sustainable development.

His forward-looking vision and his taste for new technologies allow him to offer a better integration of the habitat into the natural environment, especially marine, so that the people who live there can join.

In this sense he draws his inspiration both from the legacy of Leonardo da Vinci and from his faith in human genius. In this spirit, he built underwater habitats, vessels with transparent hulls, underwater museums, sea, scientific, technical and cultural centers, sports and leisure facilities, hotels, and airport and industrial facilities. in France and internationally. He thus brings together his passions, the sea, space and biomimetic architecture.

Experiencing his own achievements as a true explorer of the underwater world, he has gone so far as to live several times in underwater habitats, notably participating in the world record for 69 days under the sea in the United States. Its projects, SeaOrbiter and the Cité des Mériens, are the synthesis of more than 30 years of innovative research in the fields of marine and underwater architecture.

Also always inspired by the work of Jules Verne, he adopted the maxim: “Whatever a man is able to imagine, other men will be able to achieve it”. To transmit his passions and encourage young people at the international level to be daring to build our future, he created the Jacques Rougerie Foundation, Génération Espace Mer at the Institut de France.

“It is from the ocean and space that the fate of future civilizations will be born”