DIPLOMA Highlight: Adrien Espejo Fernandez

nonsense abstract mechanics

Student: Adrien Espejo Fernandez
Tutor: Lionel Lemir

The instinct of the individual is an inseparable aspect of each of us. This aspect of our beings, sometimes considered a defect, conditions and directs our activities. It is such notions that distinguish us from the machine.

Since the 1990s, the advent of the internet and the automation of certain tasks by technology have improved our daily lives but also dehumanized and increasingly fragmented our relationship with others. The globalization of resources, technologies and labor is becoming more and more embedded in our systems of societies wherever we are. Exchanges, faster, information, instantaneous.

-Hasn’t the city become a monster-machine?, always eager for maintenance, improvements, resources and manpower?
In a way, would we no longer live for city systems, rather than through them?
The observation of our ways of living in this extremely complex environment system, brings to light a fundamental and haunting question: What is the part of the instinct of the individual in the course of the city?

Through nonsense abstract mechanics, I confront reality with questions about the qualification and identity of today’s space by giving free rein to the appropriation of space and its function.