Eric Aupol / Photography as revelator

For several years, I have been developing photographic work that explores space and architecture as much as the medium itself. I try to record reality in a form of objectivity, reporting, through the frontality of my framing, an observation of the places photographed, as markers of history, politics and society, and as mental configurations.

My work, which I will present during this conference, is part of the history of documentary photography, but also in a space which shows that the tool is never transparent, and that its own qualities, light and framing, participate in the organization of this recorded reality.


Eric Aupol:

Born in 1969 and based in Paris, √Čric Aupol became known for his photographs relating to places and spaces as markings of History and as mental configurations. The expanses of the landscape, the constrictions of private or collective habitats, the details of objects, bodies and faces are approached in the quest for a visual writing where the sensitive and the intelligible would cease to oppose each other.

The margin, both historical, political and aesthetic, crosses at different levels of revelation the whole of his photographic corpus, questioning the spaces visited as much as the photographic medium, playing with what is obstructed and revealed to the gaze in the real, palimpsest of a leafing through of memories and history.

Winner of the Villa Medici outside the walls in 2009, represented by the Polaris gallery in Paris, he teaches photography at the National School of Art in Bourges, and intervenes in various art schools, in the form of workshops and conferences (ENSP Arles, ENSCI Paris, International Academy of Art Ramallah, University of Shanghai,…)

His work is present in many public and private collections, in France and abroad (National Library, European House of Photography, Heidelberg Museum, Erasmus University of Rotterdam,…)