CONFLUENCE is proud to collaborate with EXKEMA

CONFLUENCE is proud to collaborate with EXKEMA



This semester, Juan Velasquez, an architect professor at CONFLUENCE, is leading two workshops, one at CONFLUENCE and another in Colombia in partnership with Exkema.

Exkema is an initiative that was conceived and established in 2004. Convinced of the imperative to generate positive and constructive changes in the field of architecture, the founders of Exkema embarked on a constant quest for innovation. Their unwavering belief in the transformative power of architecture has been the driving force that has guided them throughout their journey.

From its inception, Exkema has endeavored to be at the forefront of the industry. This relentless pursuit of novelty has led them to nurture creativity and explore new opportunities. Each project undertaken by Exkema is a reflection of their commitment to originality and excellence. By combining traditional expertise with innovative approaches, Exkema has pushed the boundaries of architectural design, creating spaces that exceed expectations.

Over the years, Exkema has established strong partnerships with professionals from various backgrounds, allowing them to diversify their areas of expertise. By collaborating with experts from different disciplines, Exkema has approached projects from multiple angles, integrating ideas from diverse sectors to enrich their creations.

At the core of Exkema’s mission lies a commitment to social and environmental innovation. In addition to pushing the boundaries of architectural design, Exkema constantly strives to create sustainable and eco-friendly spaces. Awareness of the importance of ecology guides every decision they make, from the choice of materials to the implementation of environmentally friendly technologies.

Thus, Exkema continues to stand out as a pioneer in contemporary architecture. Their legacy of innovation and excellence endures, shaping the future of the architecture industry and inspiring future generations to rethink the spaces of tomorrow.