Confluence Institute is proud to announce it’s Spring 2021 research theme. Taking opportunity of the United Nation’s proclamation of the “2021-2030 – Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development”, the whole school will research and build prospective proposals on the Ocean.

71% of our planet is Ocean.

It represents 361 Million km2 and contains 1,33 Billion m3 of water. It is regulating climate on Earth. Without it the temperature of the atmosphere would be 35° higher

The human body is made of 70% of water and the composition of its plasma is very close to the composition of the sea. The Ocean provides all the water humans are drinking, half of their oxygen and one fifth of their proteins.

For a long time, the economic, politic, social and cultural power was in the hands of those who mastered the Ocean. By controlling the oceans, Empires were controlling the world from their harbors and gave birth to great civilizations (Venetian, Flemish, Genoese, Dutch, English, American, Chinese) and their cities whether they be real, legendary or submerged.

Moreover, most of the innovations mainly came from the sea, whether it be ideas or goods. Today, as nine out of ten goods, communication or data travels through the Ocean, it has become, more than ever, the place of the geopolitical debate.

Indeed, till today, more than 50% of humanity is living on the 100km wide frontier between oceans and inner lands. How will these human settlements face the rise of the sea level and the profound transformation of the ocean coasts?

Furthermore, the climate change and the continuous population growth will inevitably force us to change or relationship with this unknown liquid continent. It is already facing major climate and political challenges and will undoubtedly play an important role in the survival of humanity.

With the collaboration of Odile Decq, Nicolas Hannequin, Jieun Kim, Nicolas Floch’, Didier Faustino, Marc Van Peteghem, Jacques Rougerie, Christian Buchet, Bruno Dehan and Gaetan Kohler, the students of Confluence will spend the Spring semester working and researching on this new territory: Going in, travelling on, living in, over and inside, protecting it, establishing new settlements…