At Confluence, You’ll be able to think freely, so you can adapt to our fast-changing society. By the time you leave school, you’ll be autonomous and capable of proposing concrete solutions to build tomorrow’s world.     And you, will you dare to step out of the box?   AN INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENT    •Teaching mainly […]


Ten architecture student projects by the Confluence Institute […] . Projects included: Diploma: Mineral Grafting by Charles Edgard-Lincoln Tutor: Lionel Lemire Diploma: Thinking upside down by Jhila Prentis Tutor: Lionel Lemire Studio: Metaphasis by Emma Miglietta Tutor: Colin Fournier Diploma: Soft Tectonic by Domitille Roy Tutor: Odile Decq Studio: Los A(I)ngeles by Lorenz Kleeman Tutor: […]


Common Skin Students: Anastasia Kublashvili and Louis Bouvrande Tutor: Didier Faustino The instructions in the brain are translated into nerve signals to drive the hand muscles, and the hand muscle movements are again translated into electrical signals for input into the machine. The movement of the machine again generates signals through our eyes and transmits […]


MINERAL GRAFTING Student: Charles Edgard-Lincoln Tutor: Lionel Lemir As an alternative strategy to the renovation of the Montparnasse center in Paris, this project explores the morphological potentials of stone structures rising from the existing multilayer ground infrastructure on site in order to create spatial interconnections between the street, the envelope, and the existing buildings. In […]


PART 1 AND PART 2 UNCONDITIONALLY REVALIDATED! THANK YOU TO RIBA https://www.architecture.com/education-cpd-and-careers/riba-validation/international-validated-schools Download here our brochure!  


Between Limits Collective work from Creative Maker Space Tutors: Edouard Cabay and Paco Pioline The project explores the innovative technique of 3D clay printing within the construction industry, blending digital design and ancient materials like clay to revolutionize architectural possibilities. This method promises efficiency through minimal waste, rapid construction, and automated processes. The process starts […]


CONFLUENCE is proud to collaborate with EXKEMA     This semester, Juan Velasquez, an architect professor at CONFLUENCE, is leading two workshops, one at CONFLUENCE and another in Colombia in partnership with Exkema. Exkema is an initiative that was conceived and established in 2004. Convinced of the imperative to generate positive and constructive changes in […]


Metaphasis Student: Emma Miglietta Tutor: Colin Fournier This project imagines a temporary structure being able to evolve over time and adapt to the use of people, where events centered on exchange and interaction would give life to a community-based social scene and help re-establish the city’s identity through the very people that inhabit it. The […]


Igor Siddiqui (b. 1974 in Rijeka, Croatia) is an architect and associate professor at the University of Texas at Austin. He has served as a full-time faculty member at the School of Architecture since 2009, where he currently holds the Gene Edward Mikeska Endowed Chair for Design. Siddiqui’s practice, teaching, and research explore the relationship […]


  For several years he has been developing a photographic work that explores space and architecture as much as the medium itself. He tries to record the real in a form of objectivity, reporting, by the frontality of his framings, a statement of the photographed places, as markings of history, politics and society, and as […]


Mathieu BONARDET Graduated from the Beaux-Arts of Paris in 2013, Mathieu BONARDET lives and work in Paris. He brings the drawing to other fields than what is defined by the space of the street. His practice first led him to filmer or photographies actions before direction it to the volume. Since then, his work has […]


Mathieu BONARDET: In Mathieu Bonardet’s work, draftsmanship centers around primary physical action and material: drawing lines with graphite. These repetitive lines are both corporeal and temporal inscriptions of the artist’s gesture. The tension generated between two given elements – attraction, rejection, rupture, distance, disparity – nourishes Bonardet’s work and gives body to his diptychs. His […]


For several years, I have been developing photographic work that explores space and architecture as much as the medium itself. I try to record reality in a form of objectivity, reporting, through the frontality of my framing, an observation of the places photographed, as markers of history, politics and society, and as mental configurations. My […]


CONFLUENCE is proud to be part of the STEM IS FEM movement. STEM IS FEM is an educational project that promotes STEM specialties, science, technology, engineering and mathematics, among Ukrainian high school girls. https://stemisfem.org/en/pro-proekt  


  Alive Scinetics Student: Amadou Bah Tutor: Lukas Fereiss


REDS Student: Emma Miglietta Tutor: Nathalie Junod Ponsard altering the perception of the space through the emotional duality of red light and the two-dimensionality that its shadow create. Site: Arènes de Lutèce (2nd century CE), 49 rue Monge, 75005 Paris 53 x 47 m


ARCHITECTURE / NATURE – A HYBRID Student: Lucia Landivar Tutor: Lionel Lemir Lucia Landivar’s thesis, “Architecture / Nature – A Hybrid,” presents a revolutionary approach to architectural design, merging natural elements with modern construction methods. This concept is demonstrated through a detailed exploration of sustainable materials and innovative structural solutions that integrate the natural environment […]


  Los A(I)ngeles Student: Lorenz Kleeman Tutor: Colin Fournier   Amid rising political and environmental instability, we need resilient structures that adapt to changing circumstances such as pandemics, extreme weather, and shifting aesthetic trends, without gentrifying existing areas. As climate change renders rural regions less habitable, pushing populations towards cities, Los Angeles is projected to […]


nonsense abstract mechanics Student: Adrien Espejo Fernandez Tutor: Lionel Lemir The instinct of the individual is an inseparable aspect of each of us. This aspect of our beings, sometimes considered a defect, conditions and directs our activities. It is such notions that distinguish us from the machine. Since the 1990s, the advent of the internet […]


In March 2022, Confluence Institute and the Kharkiv School of Architecture were going to organize a joint workshop… We support our friends from Kharkiv and Ukraine and pass on the words of Oleg Drozdov, founder of the architectural bureau Drozdov&Partners and co-founder of the Kharkiv School of Architecture: “My dear foreign friends. Thank you very […]


Confluence Institute Fall 2021 Lecture series November 2, 2021 The gap in architecture between socially centered practice and formally exploratory practice remains, and perhaps is widening. Why are these forms of practice seen as opposed or even mutually exclusive in architecture? Is it possible to design a way of working that engages both areas simultaneously? […]


Confluence Institute Fall 2021 Lecture series September 30, 2021 Life can be easy. We go to school, we study architecture (or whatever crap), we work in an office, we open our own office, we build houses. We get married, start a family and live in our own house. Somehow nice but bourgeois and unrealistic! Life […]


Confluence Institute Fall 2021 Lecture series September 2nd 2021   There are many examples of experimental architecture, but it is the city itself that we most yearn to change. Yet, despite its dysfunctions, the city evolves very slowly. It is a meme that got stuck and continues to exert its fascination. The changes that do […]


Parametric Participatory City Student: Aiden Newsome Tutor: Odile Decq The role of the architect would be, in this scenario, to design the skeleton or masterplan. Every architectural element in the scene is simply a bounding geometry or volume. It can be broken down into points. The objects that would populate these points would be designed […]


Thinking upside down Student: Jhila Prentis Tutor: Lionel Lemir Jhila Prentis examines the issue of migration and its impacts on societies and individuals. Through a series of reflections and examples, the author discusses the challenges faced by refugees and asylum seekers, including administrative difficulties in France and precarious living conditions in camps. It highlights feelings […]


Confluence Institute presents : Lccture by Jacques Rougerie Thursday April 8th  2021, at 3.30pm  On the occasion of our the spring semester devoted to the exploration of the Sea, Jacques Rougerie will meet with the  the students of Confluence and address the challenges of this fascinating liquid territory. You’re welcome to follow the lecture online […]


Confluence Institute is proud to share episode 10 of the Hors Concours series in partnership with the web magazine tema.archi. Odile discusses the reasons that led her to rethink the pedagogy and teaching of architecture.   Odile Decq is the guest of the tenth episode of the Hors concours podcast. An opportunity for the architect to […]


We carry with us the memory of Mary Vaughan Jonhson, friend and regular visiting-professor of Confluence.  Mary joined our adventure since its beginning in 2014 and was a strong and joyful support of our school. All our thoughts goes to her family and to all the students that had the chance to meet her contagious […]


Confluence Institute is proud to share its Spring 2021 Inaugural lecture that took place on Tuesday March 2nd, 2021.  


SEMESTER OF FALL 2022 -> APPLY HERE   How to join CONFLUENCE ?  CONFLUENCE has its own recruitment process outside of “Parcours sup”, the national education platform. Confluence therefore autonomously manages the admission schedule and the selection of students. The timetable of the procedure is published at the beginning of the semester for the following […]


CONFLUENCE Institute is actively involved against the COVID-19 pandemic. The health and wellbeing of the Confluence Institute community is our top priority and protective measures have been put in place to help ensure the safest possible use of the school at this time. This includes requiring all staff and students to wear facemasks. Social distancing […]


Confluence Institute is proud to announce it’s Spring 2021 research theme. Taking opportunity of the United Nation’s proclamation of the “2021-2030 – Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development”, the whole school will research and build prospective proposals on the Ocean. 71% of our planet is Ocean. It represents 361 Million km2 and contains 1,33 Billion m3 […]


Instabilities and Potentialities, Notes on the Nature of Knowledge in Digital Architecture Confluence Institute is happy to present the publication of our close friends and professors Aaron Sprecher and Chandler Ahrens. The book explores our post-digital culture to better understand its impact on theoretical discourse and design processes in architecture. With the contribution of : Georges […]


Confluence Institute hosted a series of online lectures during the first lockdown of 2020. Here is the link to the event that took place on Wednesday May 17th, 2020. Antoine Picon is the G. Ware Travelstead Professor of the History of Architecture and Technology at the GSD. He teaches courses in the history and theory […]


[BLAST] studio are the 2020 laureat of the Beaux-Arts Academy Award of the Institut de France. The studio was founded by two alumnis of Confluence, Martin Detoeuf and Pierre de Pingon. The Biological Laboratory of Architecture and Sensitive Technologies [BLAST] is a group founded in 2018 with the aim of exploring the possible relationships between new […]


The very first workshop of 2020 is now over. This one, lead by the belgian architect David Tajchman was intense !   He has challenged our students, by questioning the idea of an endless home for the XXIst century. Inspired by Barbara Hepworth legacy, oscillating between a digital and more art and craft approach, his […]


The URBAN SPACE, part of the CONFLUENCE INSTITUTE, is proud to announce the first Wild Card of its semester long program. This week long event is the exhibition of a selected individual, young and promising, developing a discourse challenging our contemporary world. Between Monday, 16th December 2019 and Thursday, 19th December 2019: Sarah Lou Maarek, […]


Last week, the workshop was lead by Sir Peter Cook ! Our students are proud to have shared a week with the iconic Sir Peter Cook ! Confluence Institute thanks all the jury members, who spend their afternoon with us: Carin Smuts, Andrew Todd, Christophe Leray, Jacques Sauterau and obviously, Peter Cook.  


Our Robotic Arm, a Kuka KR 10 R1100, has been delivered !   We are kind of proud. This new tool is part of our Creative Maker Space and join the long list of our digital fabrication tools. Between our 3d Printers, CNC, Laser Cutter, among other things.   Our students are pretty excited to […]


Confluence Institute is happy to annouced its next lecture ! Sir Peter Cook, historical member of Archigram, will give a lecture titled: Cities, Towns and Magic Moments On November 18th 2019, at 7PM. Join us at the 11 rue des Arquebusiers, 75003, Paris.


Last September 03rd 2019, Confluence Institute opened its doors in the heart of Paris.    After 5 years in Lyon, Confluence Institute, architecture school established in 2014 by Odile Decq, opens a new chapter in its history. In the heart of Paris.   If our address changes: Confluence Institute 11 rue des Arquebusiers 75003, Paris […]


Last week was special: it was our very first Mid-Terms in Paris.   The school was busy and our students focused until the very end of their presentations. Confluence Institute wants to thank Domitille Roy and Emir Drahsan for their dedication to lead, respectively, the Immersion Studio and Core Studio. The school also want to […]


Confluence Institute is proud to announced its very first Mid-Terms in Paris ! Mid-Terms are always an important moment for our students. It’s their very first opportunity to present and showcase their studio production to the public. Save the dates and feel free to join us !   IMMERSION STUDIO Lead by Domitille ROY (Architect) […]


Last week was intense ! Joël Andrianomearisoa was teaching this semester second workshop.   Our students explored their own parisian night, their relation to the black matter, in order to propose some pretty convincing pieces of art. From the visit of the exhibit Almost Home (Joël Andrianomearisoa at Galerie RX) to the final review, passing […]


LECTURE Joel ANDRIANOMEARISOA OCTOBER, 7TH, 2019 – 7PM   Joel ANDRIANOMEARISOA invites you to discover his complicity with the night, as matter to summon the sentiments, the emotions, the art or other forms of creations – but mainly the desir. Because the night…   CONFLUENCE INSTITUTE – 11 rue des Arquebusiers, 75003, Paris  


Intensive workshop with Andrea Blum 
Let’s imagine we could do it over again… What would you want your new world to look like? How would you change the way you live? How would you eat, dress, navigate, socialize? How would you form your community? 
Bugs & Birds / Flora & Fauna / When in Doubt Look to Nature. This workshop is dedicated to learning from an example


Intensive workshop with Chandler Ahrens
The intensive one-week workshop focuses on advancing the Moon Village studio project lead by Tom Shaked and Aaron Sprecher. The goal is to advance the design to incorporate building systems that reinforce the architectural concept of each project.The Moon Village project creates several difficult questions that must be addressed…


Intensive Workshop with Romain Viricel,
Designer March 25th to March 29th, 2019 Since the dawn of time, Man has used, manufactured, and adapted to his environment to evolve and live in the latter.35,000 years ago in the Jura Swabian, a group of Man pierced holes in a bird’s bone of a few centimeters, it is the birth of a flute, the birth of music. When the man went into …


After 5 years in Lyon, CONFLUENCE opens a new chapter in its history.
From September 2019, the school will be based in the center of Paris. and will continue its commitments: to further question the teaching of Architecture through an alternative pedagogy. We have built together, a unique and singular training, a network of international contacts…


Last week, Maxime Baudoncq and Joséphine Bourat, both fifth-year students at CONFLUENCE presented their thesis in February 2019. {UN}BLINKING MACHINE, GYGES ‘ESCAPE, project by Maxime Baudoncq with distinction DIGITAL CULTURES. STATE OF NEGOTIATION, Project by Joséphine Bourat with distinction TECHNOLOGICAL SPECULATION


Why choose CONFLUENCE? 
Based on an evolving and radical understanding of research, experimentation, and trans-disciplinarity, the Institute proposes to construct an unparalleled understanding of architecture at the encounter of disciplines, to cross prospective and experimental visions, to create an appetite for engagement, to generate unpredicted alternatives…


Studio with Aaron Sprecher
Protocol for extraterrestrial life.
Living in the space requires a new understanding of architecture and living conditions: eating, sleeping and working. These daily human activities will have to take place in a new space system. This studio will examine the multiple possibilities of design to live in space.


Intensive workshop with Tom Shaked
As part of “Moon Village ” studio, the workshop will explore the potential for ground-scaping of the lunar surface as a foundation for extraterrestrial architecture. Robotic tools can help establish a long-lost art of ‘scaping’ earth-based matter through applying in-situ digital manufacturing to natural and remote terrains. The advancements in robotic fabrication…


An international team of teachers.
CONFLUENCE Institute proposes to mobilize all its resources, to build a team of experts in the fields of architecture, robotics, design, virtual reality, anthropology, and digital manufacturing, to reflect during 15 weeks on the Moon Village project: Odile Decq, Jacques Rougerie, Aaron Sprecher, Elisabeth Bacon, Chandler Ahrens…


During “Moon village” studio, the school will develop a series of scenarios capable of addressing the issues raised by life in space. Organized around seminars and intensive workshops, this transversal experiment will use the full potential of architecture to question the key challenges of such a project. These questions will converge in the architecture of the future Moon Village.


Space is undeniably our new frontier, and the Moon, the first base camp of our future migrations. Unlike the first lunar missions, it will no longer be a matter of staying there for a few hours, but of living there. It will not only be a question of exploration and staying there for a short time. It will decidedly a matter of settlement. To live together. Even if only temporarily before migrating towards new territories.


For the 2018 edition of the Festival of Lights, CONFLUENCE and the Bullukian Foundation team up again to offer “Polyfolies” a light installation made by the students. This installation aims to be a reflection of the pedagogy developed at CONFLUENCE: “Learning by doing: manufacturing and experimentation”.
Intensive workshop with Juan Velasquez and Domitille Roy


During this workshop in collaboration with the SPL, the students of the school will imagine the possible futures for an embryonic place: “La Station Mue ” around the idea of ​​”pioneers”: insects, plants, which often in the uninhabited territories are the first and only occupants.
Intensive workshop with Charles Ober from September 29 to October 8, 2018


  Soft Tectonic Student: Domitille Roy Tutor: Odile Decq This Diploma work investigates integrating textile technologies in architecture to create responsive, dynamic spaces. It explores textiles’ role in the architectural fabrication process, utilizing digital tools and additive manufacturing. This involves experimenting with textile flexibility, strength, and its potential as a constructive element through various tests […]